One Swimmer, One Team.

Weekly Schedule

Please check the schedule below or visit the online calendar for adjustments to this week's practice schedule. Some notes on changes this week:

There will be no dryland with Shannon this week. Stat/HS+/Sect/Sen Groups should plan for WUTS 15mins before their scheduled swim times this MWF.

There is another boys HS swim meet at Northridge on Tues. The schedule will mirror last Thurs with Sect/Sen/Nat moved to 7-8:30pm (Nat weight 6-6:45pm, Sect/Sen WUTS 6:45-7pm), and Stat moved to Littleton Y from 6:45-8pm (Silv/Red group athletes participating at Far Westerns may also join this group).

To allow our Far Westerns group to prepare for their championship meet, we will switch Wht back to Littleton Y from 6:50-8pm and Silv/Red to Northridge from 4:45-6pm.

White group practice will move to Northridge from 4:45-6pm.

Please see the schedule or visit the HRA Calendar.

Meet Overview

Speedo Super Sectional
Date: 3/22-25/2018 (Thu.-Sun.)
Location: Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Univ. of Texas at Austin
Deadline: 3/12/2018 (Mon.)

Entries will be submitted using USA Swimming's Online Meet Entry (OME) system. Qualifiers or prospective qualifiers should speak with the coaching staff regarding specific event entries.

This is a coach directed meet. Qualified athletes should purchase a ticket on the team flight below. All hotel, local transportation and meal arrangements will be made on site by the coaching staff.

Speedo Short Course Far Western Championships
Date: 4/5-8/2018 (Thu.-Sun.)
Meet Info | Qualifying Times
Express interest to commit:

Entries will be submitted using USA Swimming's Online Meet Entry (OME) system. Qualifiers or prospective qualifiers should speak with the coaching staff.

This is a parent directed meet. All flight, hotel, local transportation and meal arrangements will be the responsibility of attending families.

Mal Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet
Date: 6/1-3/2018 (Fri.-Sun.)
Location: UBC Aquatic Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Deadline: Mon, May 21 (Entries submitted using Swimming Canada OME system)

Meet Info is posted on the event page. This is an international level meet to prepare our National group athletes for the LA Invite and Junior National Championships later in the summer. More info on travel/accommodations to come.

HRA Suburban League Pentathlon
Date: 4/8/2018 (Sun.)
Location: George J. Meyers Pool, Arvada
Deadline: Mon, April 2

Entries are now open for our next hosted meet, and the first long course meet of the season! As it is an HRA run meet, we expect all athletes to participate (unless they are participating in the Far Western Championship meet).

Athletes 9 years and older are expected to enter all five events. Individuals will be scored based on the Single Year Age Group Points in five events (50 or 100 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke and 200 IM). The top five athletes in their individual age group ranked by total score will receive a coveted Pentathlon bobblehead!

8&U athletes may swim the 200 IM, but will be scored in only four events (50 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 50 backstroke and 50 breast).

All swimmers will be required to swim all of the events in order to place

George Block Invitational
Date: 6/22-24/2018 (Fri.-Sun.) (Meet director is currently evaluating a four day format)
Location: NISD Swim Center and Natatorium, San Antonio, TX
Deadline: TBD

Meet Info not available at this time. According to Coach Eric, the meet is held in one of the BEST aquatic facilities in the United States. The meet is a Prelim/Final format and is at sea level! More info to follow.

This is a parent directed meet. All flight, hotel, local transportation and meal arrangements will be the responsibility of attending families.

Mighty Mini Top 10 Results

Girls 100 Medley Relay: 3rd Place Viola Downie, Sloane Barr, Grae Neale, Natalie Heydt
Girls 100 Free Relay: 4th Place Viola Downie, Grae Neale, Natalie Heydt, Kara Baker
Kara Baker: 9th Place 25 8yo Butterfly
Sloane Barr: 6th Place 8yo 100 IM, 8th Place 8yo 25 Freestyle, 10th Place 8yo 25 Backstroke
Mark Citrin: 10th 8yo 100 Freestyle
Viola Downie: 4th Place 8yo 25 Backstroke, 6th Place 8yo 25 Breaststroke, 10th Place 8yo 100 IM
Natalie Heydt: 2nd Place 7yo 25 Free, 3rd Place 7yo 25 Backstroke, 8th Place 7yo 25 Breaststroke, 9th Place 7yo 25 Butterfly
Hansel Lee: 6th Place 7yo 25 Backstroke, 6th Place 7yo 50 Freestyle
Grae Neale: 4th Place 8yo 25 Fly
Cash Williamson: 5th Place 8yo 25 Freestyle, 10th Place 8yo 25 Butterfly

Silver State Championship Results

Stacks Image 131878
New Far Western Qualifying Times
Abbey Gardner - 50 Backstroke
Emma Harper - 400 IM
Mai Kawahata - 200 Breaststroke
Mary Hoover - 200 Free

Silver State Champions
Jack Bakke - 50 Breaststroke
Abbey Gardner - 50 Backstroke
Shepard Kerscher - 50 Freestyle
Ceyda Sarak - 100 Breaststroke
Ethan Viescas - 50 Fly
James Wood - 100 Breaststroke

Top 3 Silver State Finishers
Abbey Gardner - 2nd 100 IM
Grace Gardner - 2nd 100 Fly
Mary Hoover - 2nd 200 Free
Mai Kawahata - 2nd 200 Breaststroke
Sheparrd Kerscher - 3rd 100 IM, 3rd 200 IM
Mila Nikanorov - 3rd 100 Backstroke
Cade Rolofson - 3rd 100 Fly
Ethan Viescas - 3rd 100 Fly

Top 10 Silver State Finishers
Dylan Armour - 9th 50 Fly, 9th 50 Backstroke, 10th 100 Backstroke, 10th 100 Fly
Jack Bakke - 4th 100 Breaststroke, 4th 100 IM, 5th 100 Fly, 6th 500 Free
Caroline Clouatre - 5th 200 Breaststroke
Grace Gardner - 4th 100 Breaststroke
Aubrey Hutter - 4th 50 Breaststroke
Shepard Kerscher - 5th 100 Backstroke
Alyssa Leven - 10th 100 Breaststroke
Mary Macaulay - 9th 100 Fly, 9th 100 Backstroke
Mila Nikanorov - 3rd 100 Backstroke, 9th 500 Freestyle
Cade Rolofson - 9th 200 IM
Amaia Sherman - 7th 50 Breaststroke
Ethan Viescas - 8th 200 IM
James Wood - 7th 100 Fly

Age Group State Championship Results

Final team scores were not posted in time to report (Meet Mobile scores are incomplete). Individually, HRA athletes continued to set new marks throughout the weekend:

New Futures Qualifiers
Makayla Hoehn - 200 Backstroke

New Sectional Qualifying Times
Kate Baker - 100 Butterfly

New Far Western Qualifying Times
Isabel Flenard - 50 Freestyle
Abbey Gardner - 50/100 Freestyle
Emma Harper - 200 Freestyle, 200 IM
Josh Heydt - 100 Freestyle
Mai Kawahata - 100/200 IM
Amaia Sherman - 50 Butterfly, 50/100 Backstroke
Nico Wood - 50 Breaststroke

State Champions
Josh Heydt - 50 Bk + New meet record! Josh was also the top point scorer for HRA (sorry Mason) with a total of 121 individual points scored! Way to bring the hammer and get chiseled into Colorado swimming history.

Top 3 State Finishers
Kate Baker - 200 Freestyle (2nd)
Josh Heydt - 50 Butterfly (3rd), 100 Backstroke (3rd)
Mason Kajfosz - 200 Freestyle (2nd), 100 Backstroke (2nd), 200 IM (3rd), 100 Freestyle (3rd)

State Top 10 Finishers
12&U G (A) Free Relay 4th Place - Ceyda Sarak, Isabel Flenard, Ashlyn Rogers, Mai Kawahata
10&U B Med Relay 5th Place - Josh Heydt, Shepard Kerscher, James Wood, Sota Kawahata
10&U B Free Relay 5th Place - Josh Heydt, Shepard Kerscher, Sota Kawahata, Brady Barclay
14&U G Free Relay 5th Place - Kate Baker, Makayla Hoehn, Lyndsey Wehr, Mary Hoover
14&U G Med Relay 8th Place - Makayla Hoehn, Amber Martus, Kate Baker, Lyndsey Wehr
12&U B Med Relay 10th Place - Ethan Viescas, Nico Wood, Jack Bakke, Mason Kajfosz
Kate Baker - 100 Freestyle (4th), 100 Butterfly (7th), 200 Breaststroke (8th)
Emma Harper - 200 Butterfly (9th)
Josh Heydt - 50 Breaststroke (4th), 50 Freestyle (4th), 100 Freestyle (4th)
Makayla Hoehn - 200 Backstroke (5th), 200 IM (8th), 100 Butterfly (9th), 400 IM (9th)
Alec Jang - 100 Breaststroke (5th)
Mason Kajfosz - 100 IM (10th)
Mai Kawahata - 100 Breaststroke (9th), 100 IM (10th), 200 Breaststroke (10th)
Shepard Kerscher - 100 Breaststroke (10th)
Amaia Sherman - 50 Backstroke (6th), 100 Backstroke (10th)
Nico Wood - 200 Butterfly (10th)

State Top 20 Finishers
12&U G(B) 200 Med Relay 12th Place - Mila Nikanorov, Jessica Wang, Ashlyn Rogers, Amaia Sherman
12&U B Free Relay 13th Place - Mason Kajfosz, Nico Wood, Samuel Stephenson, Ethan Viescas
12&U G (B) Free Relay 14th Place - Amaia Sherman, Abbey Gardner, Rachel Engler, Grace Knight
14&U B Free Relay 16th Place - Alec Jang, Harrison Kerscher, Cade Rolofson, Beau Moody
10&U G Free Relay 18th Place - Madeline Burns, Sara Jackson, Abbi Prussia, Rihanna Taki
10&U G Med Relay 20th Place - Rihanna Taki, Molly Citrin, Sara Jackson, Madeline Burns
Kate Baker - 50 Freestyle (11th)
Brady Barclay - 100 Breaststroke (20th)
Isabel Flenard - 50 Butterfly (17th), 100 Butterfly (18th), 100 IM (19th), 50 Freestyle (19th)
Abbey Gardner - 100 Freestyle (13th), 50 Freestyle (15th), 50 Butterfly (19th)
Emma Harper - 100 Backstroke (11th), 200 Backstroke (11th), 200 IM (13th), 200 Freestyle (13th), 100 Butterfly (16th)
Makayla Hoehn - 50 Freestyle (14th), 100 Backstroke (18th)
Alec Jang - 200 Breaststroke (13th), 100 Butterfly (14th)
Mason Kajfosz - 200 Breaststroke (11th)
Mai Kawahata - 50 Breaststroke (11th), 100 Butterfly (13th), 200 IM (15th)
Shepard Kerscher - 50 Breaststroke (13th)
Ashlyn Rogers - 200 Freestyle (11th), 50 Freestyle (15th), 100 Freestyle (17th), 200 IM (19th), 500 Freestyle (19th)
Ceyda Sarak - 50 Freestyle (14th)
Amaia Sherman - 50 Butterfly (20th)
Ethan Viescas - 50 Backstroke (18th), 100 Backstroke (20th)
Jessica Wang - 50 Breaststroke (20th)
Lyndsey Wehr - 50 Freestyle (16th)
Nico Wood - 100 Breaststroke (11th), 50 Breaststroke (14th), 200 Breaststroke (17th)

Championship Meet Qualifiers

Stacks Image 131829
Stacks Image 131833
Congratulations to our new Super Sectional qualifiers this past weekend:

Jack Engler - 50 Freestyle (Bonus qual time)
Will Kerscher - 100 Breaststroke; 100 Freestyle (Bonus qual time)
Kaitlin Nats - 100 Breaststroke (Bonus qual time)
Chiara Robinson - 50 Freestyle (on her 4th try!)
Skyler Robinson - 100 Breaststroke
Dani Roney - 200 Butterfly
Gavin Rogers - 1650 Freestyle
Leighton Wright - 200 Backstroke (New SCY qual time); 100 Backstroke (Bonus qual time)
Summer Junior National Qualifiers
Natalie Arky - 100 & 200 Back

Winter Junior National Qualifiers
Natalie Arky - 100 Fly
Jessie Beckwith - 100 Fly
Holley Dennis - 100 & 200 Breast
Elsa Litteken - 100 & 200 Back
Delaney Smith - 100 Free, 200 Back, 100 & 200 Breast, 200 & 400 IM

Far Western Quals
Phoebe Croston
Isabel Flenard
Jacquline Gardner
Teagan Haberkorn
Emma Harper
Mai Kawahata
Amber Martus
Josie Martus
Chiara Robinson
Skyler Robinson
Ashlyn Rogers
Dani Roney
Ceyda Sarak
Amaia Sherman
Jessica Wang
Lyndsey Wehr

Josh Heydt
Alec Jang
Mason Kajfosz
Nicolas Wood

Natalie Arky
Kate Baker
Jessie Beckwith
Holley Dennis
Brooke Ford
Grace Haas
Kaleigh Haworth
Parker Henry
Makayla Hoehn
Keeley LaRiviere
Elsa Litteken
Kaitlin Nats
Britt Nichols
Annie Osmun
Chiara Robinson
Skyler Robinson
Danielle Roney
Delaney Smith

Charles Burroughs
Jack Clouatre
Jack Engler
Dominic Griffin
Will Kerscher
Gavin Rogers
Trevor Van Law
Leighton Wright
Wentao Zhang
Age Group State Qualifiers
Kate Baker
Isabella DeBoer
Isabel Flenard
Abbey Gardner
Emma Harper
Makayla Hoehn
Mary Hoover
Mai Kawahata
Amber Martus
Mila Nikanorov
Ashlyn Rogers
Ceyda Sarak
Amaia Sherman
Jessica Wang
Lyndsey Wehr

Jack Bakke
Brady Barclay
Joshua Heydt
Alec Jang
Mason Kajfosz
Sota Kawahata
Shepard Kerscher
Beau Moody
Cade Rolofson
Ethan Viescas
Nicolas Wood

Silver State Qualfiers (Not including above)
Kate Baker
Madeline Burns
Caroline Clouatre
Isabella DeBoer
Rachel Engler
Isabel Flenard
Grace Gardner
Abbey Gardner
Emma Harper
Kelsie He
Makayla Hoehn
Mary Hoover
Aubrey Hutter
Mai Kawahata
Grace Knight
Karis Lee
Alyssa Leven
Elizabeth Macaulay
Mary Macaulay
Amber Martus
Mila Nikanorov
Sophie Quartaro
Mackenzie Rauen
Selah Robles
Ashlyn Rogers
Chloe Romero
Ceyda Sarak
Amaia Sherman
Jessica Wang
Lillian Wehr
Lyndsey Wehr
Michaela Wilcox
Samantha Yoder

Dylan Armour
Jack Bakke
Brady Barclay
Brandon Cho
Cooper Drazek
Brian He
Joshua Heydt
Alec Jang
Mason Kajfosz
'Sota Kawahata
Harrison Kerscher
Shepard Kerscher
Beau Moody
Cade Rolofson
Samuel Stephenson
Adam Taki
Ethan Viescas
James Wood
Nicolas Wood
IMX/IMR Points
Congratulations to our athletes who stepped up and completed their IMX or IMR series this fall!! IM Xtreme is a program that allows USA Swimming members to track their times (or coaches to track their team's times) against swimmers all across the nation. An IMR or IMX score is only established after a swimmer has swum all of the events required for their age group. Click HERE for more information.

Below are the results from the fall season:
IMX Points
Gavin Rogers (14) 3,936
Emma Harper (12) 2,628
Harrison Kerscher (12) 2,596
Ashlyn Rogers (12) 2,465
Josh Heydt (10) 2,226
Nico Wood (12) 2,103
James Wood (9&U) 2,081
Grace Knight (11) 1,863
Sota Kawahata (10) 1,519
Sara Lindner (11) 795
Sara Jackson (9&U) 794

IMR Points (Blue/White Group Only)
James Wood (9&U) 1,876
Rihanna Taki (9&U) 986
Brandon Cho (10) 981
Sara Jackson (9&U) 810
Karis Lee (9&U) 702
Maddie Menzel (9&U) 328
Spencer Hola (10) 224
Kara Baker (9&U) 48
Linden Eloe (9&U) 5

Team Records

HRA athletes broke ten individual team records and three relay records this fall:

Natalie Arky - Open 200 Backstroke
Kate Baker - 13-14 200 Freestyle
Holley Dennis - 15-16 100 Breaststroke, Open 100 Breaststroke
Dominic Griffin - Open 1650 Freestyle
Gavin Rogers - 13-14 1000/1650 Freestyle & 400 IM
Delaney Smith - Open 200 IM
Wentao Zhang - 15-16 200 Breaststroke

Open Women's 200 Free Relay - Elsa Litteken, Delaney Smith, Jessie Beckwith, Parker Henry
Open Women's 400 Medley Relay - Natalie Arky, Holley Dennis, Jessie Beckwith, Delaney Smith
Open Men's 400 Medley Relay - Trevor Van Law, Wentao Zhang, Jack Clouatre, Dominic Griffin

Travel Meets

The meets below will be coach directed. The staff will book hotels and house/transport the athletes as a group. Parents are responsible for making flight reservations per the itineraries below.

Husky Invitational
For athletes with at least two qualifying times who do not otherwise qualify for Junior Nationals, below is the meet information for the 2017 Husky Invitational. If you have two or fewer qualifying times, please discuss your plans with the coaching staff.

2017 Meet Dates: Fri, Dec 1 through Sun, Dec 3
Site: Weyerhauser King County Aquatic Center
2017 Husky Invitational Event Page

Seattle Tacoma (SEA)
Thu, Nov 30 SWA 204 5:45pm-7:50pm
Mon, Dec 4 SWA 1834 7:20am-11:00am

Team Hotel: Clarion Federal Way

Winter Junior Nationals
For athletes with at least one qualifying time, below is the meet information for the 2017 Winter Junior Nationals.

2017 Meet Dates: Wed, Dec 6 through Sat, Dec 9
Site: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
2017 Winter Junior Nationals Event Page

Eastern Iowa Airport (CID)
Tue, Dec 5 UA 1817 5:44pm-8:39pm
Sun, Dec 10 UA 1013/245 6:32am-10:40am
Please note extra fees apply for checked bags (and for carry-on bags if you do not select Basic Economy)

Team Hotel: Iowa House Hotel

Texas Super Sectional
All athletes with at least one qualifying time should plan to attend the 2017 Sectional meet in Austin. Please note this meet falls during boys' high school season. Athletes competing for their high school programs should discuss plans with both coaching staffs.

2018 Meet Dates: Thu, Mar 22 through Sun, Mar 25
Site: Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX
2018 Texas Super Sectional Event Page

Austin Bergstrom (AUS)
Wed, Mar 21 SWA 1626 11:45am-2:50pm
Mon, Mar 26 SWA 1855 5:45am-7:00am

Team Hotel: TBD

Meet Entry Procedure

The Hurricane Meet as well as the rest of the tentative meet schedule is included on the new HRA TeamUnify site. All meet entries will be handled completely online through the this site.

To sign up for a meet:

Click on the Events page or scroll to the bottom of the main page.

Find the event you would like to attend and click on "Edit Commitment" which appears immediately below the event title.

Click on your swimmer .

In the "Declaration" box, click on: "Yes, please sign [swimmer name] up for this event." In the Notes box you can add specific notes if needed e.g. if you are not available for a relay or can only attend 1 day etc. Then click on "Save Changes".

Here is where either of 2 things can happen:

If its very early, the meet information will not be available online and your commitment intention will be complete.

If the meet information is available you will then be able to select the specific events you would like your swimmer to race. Note: If you have any questions about which events your swimmer should race, talk to the coaching staff.

The Hurricane Meet is the only meet available to sign up for individual events. Please indicate your intention to attend other meets through the fall, however. We will make individual entry registration available as soon as meet information is posted by the respective meet directors.

HRA Named to USA Swimming Club Excellence List

For the second straight year, HRA has been awarded the honor of a Bronze Medal ranking in the USA Swimming Club Excellence program, recognizing the organization’s highest-performing clubs in the development of athletes 18 years and younger.

Achieving Bronze Medal status is an enormous accomplishment for our program and our community. This achievement is reached only through the tremendous dedication of our athletes, their parents and our entire coaching staff. It is truly a ‘team effort’ for us to help every young athlete in our program reach their highest potential. Thanks to everyone for making this

HRA tallied 5,958 points, to finish 122nd nationally (the exact same ranking as 2017). Fort Collins Area Swim Team tallied 25,325 points to earn Gold Medal status with a 16th place national finish. Univ of Denver Hilltoppers scored 7,583 points finishing in 87th place nationally and earning Silver Medal status. Other Bronze Medal clubs include Flatiron Athletic Club (6,724 points - 110th place), Colorado Springs Swim Team (5,139 points - 144th place), Jeffco Hurricanes (4,867 points 155th place), Pikes Peak Athletics (4,815 points - 157th place), and Aces Swim Club (4,053 points - 177st place).

In its 16th year, the Club Excellence program identifies clubs that execute strong, well-rounded programs to produce elite 18-and-under athletes. The top 20 clubs earn Gold level ranking and those rated 21-100 are designated as Silver honorees. The next 100 clubs are recognized at the Bronze level.
  • Athletes Corner
  • Parents Corner
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Colorado Gives Day Tuesday, Dec 5

Stacks Image 131609
Special thanks to all those who donated in HRA's Colorado Gives Day Campaign. An anonymous donor presented us with a matching challenge to raise $10K on Colorado Gives Day last Tuesday. We finished with over $9,800 in donations and our benefactor agreed to match the full $10K for a total of $19,800 raised for HRA.

AmazonSmile Program and Painless Fundraising

Stacks Image 131573
As the holidays approach, please consider listing HRA as a designee for the AmazonSmile program. Amazon will donate 0.5% of purchases to HRA if members designate us as their charity of choice.

Scrip Program Registration

Stacks Image 131235
Holiday Plastic Card Order Nov. 22 - 30th - make sure you get registered for Script w/ Presto Pay so you don't miss the first Plastic Card order w/ free shipping. All plastic card orders placed between Nov. 22nd - 30th will be available for pickup Dec. 8th. Any questions about registering and placing orders please contact Kristin Brouk.

Additional Plastic Card Order Dates:

March Delivery - Order between February 20 - February 28

June Delivery - Order between May 23 - May 31

September Delivery - Order between August 23 - August 31

We are pleased to share some exciting news about a fundraising program for HRA. It’s called “Scrip” and it’s the fundraising program that works while you shop. We will be using the company ShopWithScrip.

Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money” – in other words, scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers. They’re the same gift certificates that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our scrip program including Safeway, Starbucks, Athleta, AMC Theaters, Red Robin, Home Depot, Noodles & Co, Target and many, many others.

You’re probably asking yourself how these stores help us raise money. It’s simple -- Scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization and reward you with a rebate. Member families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and our group keeps the rebate as revenue. Since we are doing e-cards, you can purchase on your schedule and you don’t need to coordinate with me to exchange money.

Just a few of the benefits:

You get a powerful fundraising alternative that involves no selling!
Use scrip for items that you are already spending money on.

Your child defrays the cost of their $40 monthly fundraising dues.

The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for your child’s swimming expenses without spending a single additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program! And scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, travel, gasoline and dining out.

All money earned with scrip purchases will go to an HRA account. Each month, HRA will distribute 50% of your earnings to you and will retain 50% for the team. Example: Purchase a $100 card from Athleta with a 14% rebate. You pay and receive a $100 card, then $7 will be retained with the team and $7 will be credited to your account in TeamUnify.

Snapbooster Update

Effective with your December Snaps (lots of holiday receipts), if you consistently participate in the SnapBooster fundraiser, it will start putting money back in your pocket. It is as easy as "snapping" at least 50 eligible receipts per month and once you reach 50 snaps, 50% of what you earn each month will be credited to your HRA account. Your "snap" amount will reset at zero each month and will not carry over to the next month.

It can be done!!! Just ask the Hutter and Clouatre families. They reached 50 "snaps" in November!! Thank you!!!!

These 3 Easy Step Will Change Your Mind:
Buy - Buy what you normally buy from where you normally buy it
Snap - Text a picture of your receipt to SnapBooster phone number 248-246-7627.
Earn - Earn .10 - 10% for HRA from every receipt you send it

It is that easy!!! Register now with the program code HRA14.

Once registered, send your snaps to 248-246-7627.

If you are already signed up for SnapBooster with HRA, please start snapping again to a NEW number 248-246-7627. You do not need to include "Snap" in you texts anymore.

If you are a new HRA team member or did not participate, please see the attached link an information on how to get started.

Here is a video that shows the process.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Nelson and she will help you get started. We encourage 100% participation in this year around fundraiser. It is easy as shopping where you already shop, taking a picture of your receipt and earning money for HRA!!!! Please see the flyer attached below explaining how the program works.

HRA Holiday Gift Card/Scrip Program

If you haven’t turned in your check and form yet, Amanda and Shannon will be on site at both swim locations to collect. If you are unable to make these times, please contact one of us directly to coordinate.

King Soopers Program Update

By ordering a reloadable King Soopers card from HRA, you can earn 2.5% of your purchases and/or reloads as credits toward your HRA fundraising requirement! Here’s how the program works:

You can place an order by contacting Tracy Robinson by Thursday, October 20. Simply indicate that you would like to order one or more King Soopers gift cards.

Gift cards come preloaded in increments of $100.

Once your card has been delivered to you, you may begin using it immediately… You reload it at KS when you need more money on it.

Each month we will receive a statement indicating how much each family in the program has reloaded on their card. 2.5% of all reloads (including the initial $100 purchase) will be applied to your account each month.

You may use your gift card to purchase gas at any of the Denver area King Soopers gas stations. Several close by are:

COUNTY LINE & HOLLY 8200 S. Holly, Littleton

CASTLE PINES PARKWAY 7284 Lagae Road, Castle Rock

PARKER ROAD & I-225 190 S. Parker Road, Aurora

Go to the King Soopers customer service desk and ask them to reload your card with the amount you want - between $2.50 and $500. You can reload your card using cash, check, credit or debit card. You can reload the card as often as you want. The reloaded card will be ready to use within 5-15 minutes. (You may also re-load your card at the checkout stand. If you choose this location, your funds should be available immediately.)

Contact Tracy Robinson ASAP. She will call King Soopers (Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:30) and see if there is still a balance on your card and IF they can transfer that balance to a new card for you. There are NO promises that someone hasn’t already spent your balance.

Go to King Soopers and the cashier can look up your balance with the number on the back of your card. They can manually charge your groceries with this number. Use up the balance on the card and then purchase a new card from tracy Robinson.

If your card has a $0 balance for 90 days, King Soopers will cancel that card in their system. If you want to continue with the King Soopers fundraising program you will need to buy another card from HRA for $100.00.

Registration/Volunteer Information

For families unable to attend last night's meeting, please see the highlights below:

Returning families must resolve outstanding account balances before you will be able to register for 2016-17.

All families must complete the registration process (including all signature pages) before your athlete(s) will be permitted to participate in HRA practices.

Please take some time to review the information packet. A number of items have been revised this season including:
Group structures/expectations (White-Silver-Red-State)
Financial policies regarding consequences for unpaid dues
Policies regarding fines for missing volunteer shifts
A new social media policy

By popular demand, HRA has now created the ability to allow families to directly debit from your checking accounts monthly via online check. If you opt into this service, you will automatically be charged $1.25 per transaction as a convenience fee (that charge is passed on to TeamUnify). You will, however, avoid any late charges in the future.

Parent Volunteer Info

HRA also requires the assistance of parents to help direct fundraisers, officiate or time meets, or to serve in other capacities vital to the club's ongoing operations. We would like to have EVERY family indicate their volunteer preferences so we can have all areas filled and communicate instructions as soon as possible.

Please see the volunteer activity selection form attached below. Instruction are on the top of the page. Please complete the form and send it via email to Jeanne LaRiviere by Thursday, September 15. Placements will be distributed by end of the month.

USA Swimming's Scholastic All-America Team

USA Swimming annually recognizes excellence in and out of the pool by naming a Scholastic All-America Team. Eligible athletes must have completed 10th grade or higher, achieved a minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA in the academic year, and swum one time equal to or better than the Winter Junior National time standard.

Three HRA athletes have been recognized for the 2015-16 academic year, tied for the most honorees of any Colorado swim club. Congratulations to:

Alex Reddington - 1st time honoree
Claire State - 2nd time honoree
Patricia Van Law - 1st time honoree

HRA High School Participation Philosophy By EF

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    My first guidance for all our athletes is they must meet the requirements of their high school program. Each high school coach sets their own expectations for practice and meet attendance. Much as in our program, an athlete is expected to meet those requirements in order to participate. The guidance from high school coaches is generally to attend 100% of their practices and meets.

    We do not want HRA athletes trying to please multiple masters. We have seen our athlete's bury themselves physically (and likely fall behind academically) trying to keep up with high school and HRA practices at the same time. Similarly, athlete's will be racing more than ever before during high school season. We do not feel it is advantageous to add more meets to that requirement.

    If/when we have 3-day meets, athletes must be selective in participation. High school events are skewed towards the shorter distances. It is valuable to participate in some of the 200/400 events not on the usual high school event schedule. However, this often means swimming through a scheduled off day. For example, athlete's may be required to participate in high school practices/dual meets M-F, swim an invitational on Sat. If an athlete then swims an HRA meet on Sun, she/he goes straight through two weeks without any days off. In this case, the high school program assumes the athlete will be getting a day off on Sunday. We assume our athletes will get an off day on Monday. These are the situations we need to manage carefully.

    In short, there is no guidebook other than for athlete's and their families to make decisions in the best interest of the athlete's goals. Hope this helps!

Travel Reimbursement/LC Championship Plans

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    Short Course Travel Reimbursement
    For athletes who attended Junior Nationals, Sectionals and/or Husky Invitational, be sure to complete the Colorado Swimming travel reimbursement form (click HERE) before April 15. Athletes must have completed a minimum of 15 individual events in Colorado Swimming open meets (Suburban League and high school meets do not apply) during the 2016-17 season. Families are responsible for applying for Colorado Swimming funding.

    Athletes who attended Junior Nationals AND Sectionals may request funding for Junior Nationals only. These athletes will also be eligible for additional reimbursement through the Western Zone as well as the Suburban League (HRA will apply for these funds and credit the athletes' accounts).

    Athletes who attended Husky Invite AND Sectionals may request funding for Sectionals only. These athletes will also be eligible for additional reimbursement through the Suburban League provided they achieved a qualifying time at the Sectional meet (HRA will apply for these funds and credit the athletes' accounts).

    Athletes who attended only Husky Invite may also apply for 'at-large' funding provided they achieved a minimum of a Futures Championship qualifying time.

    Long Course Championship Plans
    Similar to last summer, I wanted to provide some provide guidance on the summer meet schedule for our athletes at or near Sectional qualifying times (and beyond). First a quick note on rationale and developmental philosophy:

    We are at the stage in our program where we need to seek top level competition in order to continue our growth individually and collectively. Thus, the first priority is providing our athletes opportunities to compete at the highest level possible. This in in line with our current schedule which includes meets with and against teams such as Fort Collins, Scottsdale, Irvine Novaquatics (in addition to Junior Nationals) where we can measure our progress against the best teams in the region and the country.

    My second priority is providing at least one opportunity for all our athletes to compete together. With multiple qualifying meets in December and August, high school seasons November through May, and our college athletes returning to campus in August, our best opportunity is the mid-July window.

    Thus, here are my recommendations:
    Qualifying athletes should attend LA Invite in July.

    Athletes are expected to finish their season at the highest level meet for which they qualify individually (Junior Nationals, Futures, Age Group Zones or the 13&O LC State Championships).

    If athletes wish to attend the Scottsdale Cactus Classic, they are encouraged to do so. However, we would prefer it to be in addition to the opportunities above rather than in place of one or both.

    There are a couple caveats to these recommendations:
    We have qualified two medley relays for the Junior National Championships. We feel this is a tremendous opportunity for athletes who have not qualified individually to experience the highest level of competition. Both Coach Jackie and I got our first taste of National-level competition as relay-only athletes. Athletes who competed on qualifying relays will be given priority, though any athlete we choose may compete.

    The Junior National Championships
    begin Tuesday, August 8. Douglas County schools begin their school year Thursday, August 10. For athletes at in Douglas County schools, this means the meet runs during the first week of classes. Please discuss with the coaches if have particular concerns regarding this conflict.

    Graduating seniors will likely report to their campuses in mid-August. It is important for these athletes to train and compete at a high level this summer. I have never seen an athlete see success competing collegiality without a good summer season prior to their freshman year. These athletes should therefore discuss with the coaches a schedule which allows them to compete at a high level while providing time to plan for their move.

    This year's LC State Championships will be split between 13&O (July 21-23) and 12&U (July 28-30). The LA Invite runs the week prior to the 13&O LC State Championships in Fort Collins. It will be conducted over three days with relays likely run during the preliminary sessions. We will therefore NOT be sending our Junior National/Futures qualifiers to participate in relays.

    Championship Meet Travel Plans
    Because of the above caveats, please do not make travel plans until you discuss your athlete(s)' schedule(s) with the coaching staff. The information provided below is for planning purposes once based upon those discussions.

    Los Angeles Invitational
    For those planning to travel to LA, below is the meet information from last season. If you do not plan to attend this meet, please discuss your plans with the coaching staff.

    2017 LA Invitational Event Page
    2017 Meet Dates: Thu, July 13 through Sun, July 16
    Site: Uytengsu Aquatics Center, Univ. of Southern California

    A reminder this is a "make one, swim three" meet. This means athletes qualified in a single event may enter up to two bonus events, athletes qualified in two events may enter one bonus event, and athletes qualified in three or more events may NOT enter any bonus events.

    Also note altitude adjusted times are used for this meet. The times listed in the Deck Pass app reflect these adjustments.

    Flight Information
    Departure: Wed, Jul 12 - SWA 210; DEN 12:35pm - LAX 2:00pm
    Return: Mon, Jul 17 - SWA 4109; LAX 10:00am - DEN 1:20pm

    CSI 13&O Long Course State Championships
    2017 Meet Dates: Fri, July 21 through Sun, July 23
    Site: Edora Pool & Ice Center (EPIC), Fort Collins, CO

    Athletes attending Junior Nationals or Futures should NOT plan to participate. Athletes attending the Age Group Zone Championship should plan to attend all three days.

    Futures Championships
    Futures is the second step in USA Swimming's national progression. Please speak with the caching staff before making plans to attend this meet.

    Futures Championships Meet Info
    2017 Meet Dates: Thu, Aug 3 through Sun, Aug 6
    Site: Westside Aquatic Center, Lewisville, TX

    Similar to the LA Invite, Futures is a "make one, swim three" meet. This means athletes qualified in a single event may enter up to two bonus events, athletes qualified in two events may enter one bonus event, and athletes qualified in three or more events may NOT enter any bonus events.

    Tentative Flight Information
    Departure: Wed, Aug 2 - SWA 5670; DEN 12:00pm - DAL 2:50pm
    Return: Mon, Aug 7 - SWA 1892; DAL 7:35am - DEN 8:30am

    Junior National Championships
    This is the true 18&U national championship. Please speak with the caching staff before making plans to attend this meet.

    Junior National Championship Meet Info
    2017 Meet Dates: Tue, August 8 through Sat, August 12
    Site: Nassau County Aquatic Center, East Meadow, NY

    Qualifying athletes may swim in up to two bonus events, provided they have achieved the published Bonus Event Time Standards.

    Tentative Flight Information
    Departure: Sun, Aug 6 - SWA 3050; DEN 10:35am - LGA 4:25pm
    Return: Sun, Aug 13 - SWA 5144; LGA 9:50am - DEN 12:20pm
    Return plans may be flexible based on athletes' final events.

    Age Group Zones
    This meet is restricted to 14&U athletes only. As opposed to prior years, the selection process will be based on performance in meets only through July 1.

    Western Zone Age Group Championship Meet Info
    2017 Meet Dates: Wed, August 9 through Sat, August 12
    Site: Roseville Aquatics Complex, Roseville, CA

    If you are undecided on whether to plan for this meet, please discuss with the coaching staff.

    Long Course Travel Reimbursement
    In order to participate, athletes must compete in 15 individual events from April 2-August 31 AND 30 individual event entries from September 1-August 31 in Colorado Swimming open meets (Suburban League, high school and dual/tri-meets do not count towards this total). Summer Junior National attendees receive 2.5-3.5 shares form the travel fund up to a maximum of $700, while Futures attendees receive 1.5-2.5 shares up to a maximum of $350.

    Athletes attending only the Los Angeles Invitational may request 'at-large' funding provided they meet a minimum of one Futures Championship qualifying time at the competition.

    Suburban League: Athletes MUST attend the Suburban League Pentathlon to be eligible for Suburban League funding. Athletes are eligible to receive $200 for participating in Junior Nationals and $150 for participating in the Futures Championships.

    Again, we will request funding for athletes attending only the Los Angeles Invitational provided they meet a minimum of one Futures Championship qualifying time at the competition.

New Team Records

This season, 23 HRA athletes broke a total of 42 team records in short course yards and long course meters (8 relay & 34 individual):

11-12 Girls 200y Free Relay - Kate Baker, Makayla Hoehn, Alyssa Leven, Lyndsey Wehr
13-14 Boys 400y Free Relay - Zane Sokolowski, Will Kerscher, Trevor Van Law, Jack Clouatre
13-14 Boys 400y Medley Relay - Trevor Van Law, Wentao Zhang, Jack Clouatre, Zane Sokolowski
Open Women's 400 Free Relay - Jamie Nats, Alex Reddington, Kaitlin Nats, Delaney Smith
Open Women's 400 Medley Relay - Natalie Arky, Kaleigh Haworth, Alex Reddington, Delaney Smith
Open Men's 200 Free Relay - Dylan Nasser, Dominic Griffin, Frank Ruppel, Gabi Sasia
Open Men's 400 Free Relay - Gabi Sasia, Dominic Griffin, Frank Ruppel, Dylan Nasser
Open Men's 200 Medley Relay - Frank Ruppel, Gabi Sasia, Dominic Griffin, Dylan Nasser
Natalie Arky - 15-16 Girls 100m Back, Open Women's 100 Back
Jack Clouatre - 13-14 Boys 200y & 400y IM
Dominic Griffin - 15-16 Boys 200m Free
Kaleigh Haworth - 13-14 Girls 100y & 200y Breast, 100m & 200m Breast, 200 IM
Makayla Hoehn - 11-12 Girls 200y Back
Shepard Kerscher - 8&U Boys 100y Breast
Dylan Nasser - 15-16 Boys 400y & 400m IM, Open Men's 400m IM
Jamie Nats - Open Women's 100m Free
Abbey Owenby - 15-6 Girls 1000y Free & 400m Free, Open Women's 1000y Free
Alex Reddington - 15-16 Girls 100y & 200y Fly
Gabi Sasia - Open Men's 100y Back & 200y Fly, 50m & 100m Free, 100m Back, 200m IM
Delaney Smith - 15-16 Girls 200m & 400m IM, Open Women's 200m & 400m IM
Patricia Van Law - Open Women's 200m Back
Cameron Weese - Open Men's 200y Breast
Wentao Zhang - 13-14 Boys 200y Breast

Trial Preparation

Our National group is scheduled to train and stay at the Olympic Training Center from Wednesday, October 14 through Saturday, October 17. Our first practice is scheduled from 5-7pm on Wednesday with the camp ending with practice 9-11am on Saturday. We strongly encourage athletes to plan to attend the entire camp.

The cost of the trip will be $270 per athlete and will include lodging, meals and training expenses. Please reply with your intention to attend by Friday, September 11.

Sunday Long Course Training

We will offer long course practices on select Sunday mornings this fall and winter. The plan is to use this time in place of normal Saturday morning practices. 'National Plus' group athletes will have weight training from 8-9am on Saturday, but will have the day off from swimming training.

Thus far, we have scheduled dates on Sept 20, 27 and Oct 11 from 9-11am at DU. We will announce future dates as they become available.

There will be no additional expenses associated with these practices other than potential parking fees. However, there are three stipulations associated with participation:

Athletes must have achieved Futures qualifying time standards

Athletes must attend all scheduled Sunday practices

Athletes must discuss high school plans with me per the discussion above

We will discuss plans with the athletes over the next two weeks in anticipation of our first training opportunity.