One Swimmer, One Team.

Weekly Schedule

I couldn't feel my arms at the end.
Shep Kerscher after dropping 2+ seconds in his 100 Breaststroke during prelims. Way to go Shepard!
Listed below are the changes to the practice schedule for the week of 9/13/20:

T/Th: White Group will practice from 5:00-6:15pm beginning this week on Tuesday, 9/22.

Remember to fill out the HRA Health Survey Form everyday before practice. This will assist with contact tracing if the need should arise. Thank you!

Thursday Night At The Races Results

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Thank you parents and athletes for making this a fun event! The original results sent out earlier this afternoon have had a few corrections made.

We had a great event! The kids were on top of their game and swam FAST! Please remember that the times are unofficial but should be part of healthy confidence building as we get ready to RACE next weekend! Please commit today - deadline is Tuesday 9/22 at midnight. Note the mandatory events for White/Silver and Red 1-2:

Wh/SL 50 Breast, 50 Free and one other event of choice
Red 1-2 200 IM, 100 Breast and one other event of choice

Now for some sad news… Waterworks has asked us to discontinue The Thursday Night At The Races Series. Swimming lessons are picking up on their side of the facility and the excitement from our side disrupts those lessons. In addition, food (including birthday treats, doughnuts and bagels), can no longer be given out at practice. This is a Covid 19 restriction. To eat we have to remove our masks. This all reminds me that we are not living in ordinary times so we'll make the best of it.

Coach Suzy, Coach Anne and I are really proud of the way you cheered each other on, laughed and smiled with friends and RACED your hearts out. Top 3 boys and girls in each practice group will receive prizes next week at practice.
Thanks again for a fun event!

Coach Jill

HRA Temperature Readings/Health Survey

HRA staff will be implementing temperature readings before athletes are allowed to enter the facilities with the exception of Eastridge. HRCA already takes patrons temperatures upon entering that facility. Below are the guidelines that we will adhere to:

If your temp is 100.3F or below, you can proceed in.

If temp is 100.4F or higher, you’ll be asked to wait 5 minutes and get your temperature re-checked.

After a second check you will either proceed in (100.3 or below) or be asked to leave (100.4F or above).

Also coaches and athletes will be required to fill out and submit a Health Screening Form found here on a daily basis. This survey must be completed at least 1 hour prior to practice and no more than 12 hours prior to practice. We thank you in advance for working with us on these safety measures.

Upcoming Events

Thursday Night At The Races will feature the Speedo Swim Again Meet format beginning Thursday 9/17-10/8. Races will be held during practice time on Thursdays and unsanctioned times will be submitted to USA Swimming for national ranking! In addition, the top male and female swimmers will be recognized every Thursday with a prize in each practice group:

Red 1
Red 2
Open HS(+)

At the end of the series the over all champions will receive one of the t-shirt designs from the summer BINGO design champions! Whoopwhoop!
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Actual shirt will be picked by the HRA coaching staff.

Coaches Corner

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Hello HRA Family,

I hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a great start! If you’re traveling for the holiday, we wish you a safe and fun trip. I hope everyone is able to spend some quality time with family and friends. There’s only so many grains of sand in the hour glass, and every day should be celebrated.

I also couldn’t be more happy with the start to the season, and from the many swimmers and parents I’ve talked with, it sounds like the school year if off to a good start. I wasn’t sure how this season and school year was going to kick off: Would we have the training space necessary? What would our enrollment look like? How would my own kids do in a blended learning environment (in-class and online)? How would the team adapt to the COVID restrictions?

Incredibly, I’m happy to report that enrollment reached 240 swimmers yesterday! That’s the highest number of swimmers at initial registration in the history of the club, doubling our total membership from just four years ago. Thank you to our wonderful parents and swimmers for spreading the word about our awesome club! Also, a huge thanks to our coaching staff for their dedication, and to our Board of Directors for their unwavering support.

To handle the increased membership, we’ve expanded further into WaterWorks, increasing our footprint from a year ago, while maintaining our strong connection and presence at Northridge. As the Littleton YMCA slowly begins to reopen to outside groups, I anticipate we will once again make it a training hub for our youngest groups, hopefully in the near future. We also hired on three incredible coaches, Suzy Cotton, Josh VanKooten, and Lydia VanKooten. This has allowed us to not only “weather the COVID storm”, but to thrive and grow. The future is bright for our great team, and we have the best coaching staff in the country!

So, the next major hurdle we’ve undertaken is getting our kids back to competition safely. USA-Swimming, the governing body for our sport, has come up with some unique virtual competition formats, which we are actively exploring. We also dipped our toe back into the competition pond last month with a hugely successful intersquad meet. We’ve requested additional dates from WaterWorks for a second intersquad meet this month, and the coaching staff has been working with our Meet Director on the format…more information to follow. In addition, I reached out to one of our sister clubs in the Denver metro area, and we have an initial agreement to run a dual meet in October! As soon as I get that date, we will post and send out. Finally, we’re also working on a travel meet for our 13 & Older swimmers, most likely to be held in November. The competition schedule is coming together, and both USA-Swimming and Colorado Swimming (our Local Swimming Committee within USA-Swimming) are working on the December schedule, and competition in the new year, including our Age Group championship meets and Sectional type meets and above.

I’m excited for what the next few months has instore for our kids, and I’m incredibly proud of our team. We have a vibrant team culture, and it’s because of YOU…our hard working swimmers, parents, and coaches. Once again, thanks for your participation and support!


Coach Bocci

Welcome to the 20-21 swim season!

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We are excited by the possibilities that this season will undoubtedly bring! To get us all started on the right foot, MISports will be at the Northridge Pavilion on Sat. Aug 15 from 9-11:45am for equipment purchases and sizing.
MISports will provide the following items to buy at the pavilion:

HRA required equipment, goggles, practice suits and hair care products

In addition to the equipment, items listed below are required team gear for HRA swimmers:

Red Cap (White for finals at a prelim/final format meet) - Coaches provide these at practice. Accounts are charged $15.00.

3 HRA T-shirts: 1 Black, 1 Blue, 1 Red (Deadline to order Wed. Aug. 19)

1 team suit (Deadline to order Wed. Aug. 19)

MISports is the official team dealer. Please contact them for any swim needs.

Tech Suit Restriction for 12-and-Under Swimmers
The tech suit restrictions, proposed by the Age Group Development Committee, will go into effect for 12-and-under swimmers beginning September 1, 2020. Below are complete lists of the suits that will be restricted for athletes 12 and under, and then a list of those tech suits that will be allowed for athletes 12 and under:

Restricted 12&U Tech Suits | Approved 12-and-under tech suits

HRA Family In Need Of Support

You have been invited by Christina Petterle to sign up for "Renee Rogers." Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet.

Renee finished her second chemo treatment on Friday. Her treatments are spaced 3 weeks apart and she has two to go.

The week after chemo has been the roughest so the signup has 6 available slots for hot meals to take the family through the end of treatment...the Tuesdays and Thursdays after infusion... 9.22, 9.24, 10.13, and 10.15. Though Renee and Michael prepared some meals ahead of time it goes without say that a hot and ready meal is such a blessings.

You can coordinate a hot meal on any other day as well. Renee and Michael's cell phones are on the sign up genius.

Thanks for considering and praying. It is a huge blessing to the family.

Volunteers Needed

Several positions are available for anyone possessing the volunteer spirit! First come, first served!

Parent Liaison: We need a parent representative for each group except Nat'l. If you feel you can represent HRA with a positive voice and assist new parents in navigating competitive swimming then please sign up here.

We need 2 parents willing to sell caps at the NR Paviilion on Sat. Aug. 15. Please email Coach Jill.

IMR/IMX Summer Challenge

Round 3 of the IMR/IMX Summer Challenge begins this week.

When looking at your results from round 2, think about why your total points look like they do. Did you have great attendance and, as a result, an increase in total points? Or did your score suffer due to absences? Journaling is a fantastic way to keep track of practices and special events like this challenge. Sometimes we can't control our attendance, but as one young man said "I didn't like the way that felt and I didn't like the results. I think I'll come to practice more." Always a great idea! Overall, we are seeing fantastic gains. Way to go HRA!

10&U = 1,000+
11-14 = 1,500+

10&U =1,500-2,200

Look for scores to improve during the 2nd and 3rd rounds as athletes make changes in fitness, technique and desire. Journaling how you felt during a race or how you'd like to improve can be very helpful to making improvements during the next round.

It's going to be exciting to see how our athletes improve over the next rounds!
Spirit Smiley

Custom HRA face masks and flip flops

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To order, click on this order link and it will take you to the order page.

The face masks are selling for $10, and the flip flops sell for $18. You order directly from Agon Swim.

GriffinSTRONG Fundraiser and Scholarship

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GriffinSTRONG Value Of The Week: Fearless
Those closest to Donna know that she was passionate about her family, friends and community. No matter what diagnosis was thrown her way during her illness, Donna chose to persevere in a positive way. She loved so much that she was willing to persevere through the highs and the lows.

Altitude Adjusted Times

Have you ever heard of anyone on the pool deck talk about altitude adjusted times? What does that even mean? Well here's the skinny on the topic:

Altitude adjusted times apply to events in distance of 200 or above swum at a minimum altitude of 3,000 ft to a maximum of 6,500 ft+ above sea level. Athletes are given a time adjustment when entering a meet BELOW 3,000 ft.

See USA Swimmings chart of Adjusted Times below:
4250 FT
6500 Ft
6500 FT
800 Freestyle Relay
So if a female athlete 11 years old wanted to qualify for SWAGR in the 200 free swam a 2:19.59 at the Pikes Peak Athletic Training Facility (6330 FT) she would actually qualify for SWAGR with the altitude adjustment of 1.20. Pretty cool, right! If you are considering participating in a sea level meet be sure to keep the altitude adjustments in mind.

Meet Overview

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      2020 HRA IMX/IMR Grand Prix Challenge Fundraiser Meet Series Two

      White/ Silver will swim 50 Breast, 100IM and one other event of the athlete's choosing. Red 1-2 will swim the 100 Breast, 200 IM and one other event of the athlete's choosing.
      location_on Waterworks, HR access_time 4:00pm Warm Up 5:00pm Meet Start
      Registration Deadline: Wed, 9/23
      Meet information will be posted as soon as the sanction has been approved. The times achieved by swimmers will be OFFICIAL! Please plan to attend this event.
    • 27

      2020 HRA IMX/IMR Grand Prix Challenge Fundraiser Meet Series Two

      White/ Silver will swim 50 Breast, 100IM and one other event of the athlete's choosing. Red 1-2 will swim the 100 Breast, 200 IM and one other event of the athlete's choosing.
      location_on Waterworks, HR access_time 4:00pm Warm Up 5:00pm Meet Start
      Registration Deadline: Wed, 9/23
      Meet information will be posted as soon as the sanction has been approved. The times achieved by swimmers will be OFFICIAL! Please plan to attend this event.
    • 17

      Dual Meet HRA vs. North Jeffco

      12 & U
      location_on Meyers Pool, Arvada access_time TBD
      Registration Deadline: TBD
    • 24

      Dual Meet HRA vs. North Jeffco

      13 & O
      location_on Meyers Pool, Arvada access_time TBD
      Registration Deadline: TBD
    USA Swimming has announced that events, such as meets, will not be sanctioned during the month of May. The good news is that pools may be opening sooner rather than later for training! Rest assured that Coach Bocci will safely lead us into the next chapter adhering to government guidelines. Watch for good news soon!
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    HRA Named to USA Swimming Club Excellence List

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    For the second straight year, HRA has been awarded the honor of a Bronze Medal ranking in the USA Swimming Club Excellence program, recognizing the organization’s highest-performing clubs in the development of athletes 18 years and younger.

    Achieving Bronze Medal status is an enormous accomplishment for our program and our community. This achievement is reached only through the tremendous dedication of our athletes, their parents and our entire coaching staff. It is truly a ‘team effort’ for us to help every young athlete in our program reach their highest potential. Thanks to everyone for making this

    HRA tallied 5,958 points, to finish 122nd nationally (the exact same ranking as 2017). Fort Collins Area Swim Team tallied 25,325 points to earn Gold Medal status with a 16th place national finish. Univ of Denver Hilltoppers scored 7,583 points finishing in 87th place nationally and earning Silver Medal status. Other Bronze Medal clubs include Flatiron Athletic Club (6,724 points - 110th place), Colorado Springs Swim Team (5,139 points - 144th place), Jeffco Hurricanes (4,867 points 155th place), Pikes Peak Athletics (4,815 points - 157th place), and Aces Swim Club (4,053 points - 177st place).

    In its 16th year, the Club Excellence program identifies clubs that execute strong, well-rounded programs to produce elite 18-and-under athletes. The top 20 clubs earn Gold level ranking and those rated 21-100 are designated as Silver honorees. The next 100 clubs are recognized at the Bronze level.

    Colleges Spotlight

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    Kate Baker, 17 (Nat'l), has committed to continue her academic and swimming career at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. in Aug. 2021. What an exciting time, Kate! Congratulations!! We are so proud of the young woman you've become!
    Stacks Image 138503
    Phoebe Croston - Eastern Illinois
    Stacks Image 138509
    Ellie Hendren - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138515
    Carol Cho - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138521
    William Kerscher - Emory University
    Stacks Image 138527
    Annie Osmun - Colorado School Of Mines
    Stacks Image 138533
    Brooke Ford - University of Wyoming
    Stacks Image 138539
    Dylan Jessen - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138545
    Kiersten Whitmore - Colorado College
    Stacks Image 138551
    Britt Nichols - University of Wyoming
    Stacks Image 138557
    Keeley LaRiviere - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138563
    Leighton Wright - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138569
    Hannah Stephenson - Colorado Mesa University
    Stacks Image 138575
    Hannah Chabin - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138581
    Gabe Macklem - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138587
    Tao Zhang - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138593
    Josie Martus - Undecided
    Stacks Image 138599
    Bella Berti - Undecided

    Safe Sport Recognition

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    Dear Athletes and Parents,

    HRA is in the process of becoming a Safe Sport Recognized team by USA-Swimming. Please take the Safe Sport training course. Athletes must take “Safe Sport for Athletes” and parents must take “Safe Sport for Swim Parents.” The whole process literally takes 10-15 minutes, and it is free. This really is important, and the team requires it in order to become Safe Sport Recognized. Please help us get there.

    Go to

    Click on either “LOGIN” or “REGISTER”.

    If you are a USA Swimming member (athlete or official), click on “START” If you are a non-member (parent), click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” Follow the steps according to whether you are a member or nonmember.

    Once you are logged in, or create an account, you will be able to add to cart the “Safe Sport for Athletes” or “Safe Sport for Swim Parents” (click “ADD TO CART”). It will display a checkmark, and say “IN CART”. From there, click on the shopping cart at the top righthand of the screen and “CHECKOUT”. Again, this is a free training.

    Thanks for your help!

    Safe Sport Opportunities

    We need parents and athletes to assist us in getting our club Safe Sport recognition. You can do this by attending some online training right from your home. The more people that take the online training the better for our team. Please click link below for scheduling details:

    Safe Sport Reminders
    Athlete Protection—for athletes 18 & over or those that will turn 18 soon
    Safe Sport Recognition

    Parents: Every Wednesday at 1:00 MT
    Athletes (12-18): Every Thursday at 1:00 MT
    Coaches: Every Friday at 1:00 MT
    Webinar schedule

    Please direct all Safe Sport questions to Coach Skyler.

    Meet Entry Procedure

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      The Hurricane Meet as well as the rest of the tentative meet schedule is included on the new HRA TeamUnify site. All meet entries will be handled completely online through the this site.

      To sign up for a meet:

      Click on the Events page or scroll to the bottom of the main page.

      Find the event you would like to attend and click on "Edit Commitment" which appears immediately below the event title.

      Click on your swimmer .

      In the "Declaration" box, click on: "Yes, please sign [swimmer name] up for this event." In the Notes box you can add specific notes if needed e.g. if you are not available for a relay or can only attend 1 day etc. Then click on "Save Changes".

      Here is where either of 2 things can happen:

      If its very early, the meet information will not be available online and your commitment intention will be complete.

      If the meet information is available you will then be able to select the specific events you would like your swimmer to race. Note: If you have any questions about which events your swimmer should race, talk to the coaching staff.

      The Hurricane Meet is the only meet available to sign up for individual events. Please indicate your intention to attend other meets through the fall, however. We will make individual entry registration available as soon as meet information is posted by the respective meet directors.

    Words Of Wisdom

    Coach Bocci: Success In Athletics And The Role of the Coach
    Adapted from The American Swimming Coaches Association and a speech given by Coach Bob Bowmen (Phelps coach)

    Many parents wonder what differentiates the great athlete from the average one, and whether their kids have what it takes to be great athletes. Dr. Jack Daniels, a US Olympic runner and pentathlete, former exercise physiologist at State University of New York at Cortland, and an influential figure in developing the U.S. Swimming Sports Medicine Program, summarized it best:

    "There are really only four ingredients for success in athletics. One is genetic ability. Some genetic differences are easy to see (As a Cleveland Cavaliers fan I’ve seen 6’8” Lebron James up close and he’s a physical specimen), while others are physiological and internal differences that can't be seen…

    The second thing besides genetic ability is intrinsic motivation. If you have a seven-footer and the coach wants him to play basketball, but he wants to be an artist, you won't get too much basketball out of him.

    The third ingredient is opportunity - providing our athletes with facilities and competition opportunities against good athletes. (HRA does an awesome job of this!)

    The final ingredient is direction. Direction means a good coach and a good program to follow.”

    What I’ve found in my career is that direction is the area where parents and coaches really have an opportunity to help the athlete. The role of the coach, and my personal philosophy for coaching, is as follows:

    1) Teaching outstanding biomechanics to build the base for all future swimming successes and fulfillment. Stroke education from the novice through advanced age group programs must be primary. I define age group swimming from age 10 to about 17 years old, and novice swimming, ages 9 and younger. When a swimmer gets to 18 years old (around the time they head off to college), they venture into the world of senior level swimming. This doesn’t mean a swimmer under the age of 18 can’t achieve incredible things (including making the US Olympic Team), it just means we have a core focus in the program of laying the foundation for continued and sustained improvement. But make no mistake, I want our swimmers to be the best, not just the best in Colorado, but the best in the country… and it all starts with proper technique.

    2) Teaching values that reflect the best of our sport. Beyond the biomechanics, we teach and foster the core values of honesty, commitment, loyalty, friendship, poise, team spirit, teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-control (if you get a chance, look at legendary basketball coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, a great reference for building a successful team and career). With that written, the pool is a giant and open classroom. So parents, next time you’re watching your swimmer practice or race, keep in mind it’s essentially the same as if you were watching them all day in school (and you can see every mistake they make). Kids fail, even us parents fail from time to time…and I’m speaking from experience as a father of two. They may not do a best time every race, they may overreact to a bad swim, they may procrastinate on homework and have to stay up late to catch up (and practice the next day may be a drag), but it’s not the end of the world… it’s a learning process. In fact, it’s good for them to fail from time to time in this safe environment so they can learn to pick themselves back up, refocus, and achieve great things.

    3) Provide the aerobic training base from which science tells us great athletes develop. The easiest way to explain the aerobic training base is in terms of capacity. Aerobic training is all about improving and expanding the infrastructure of the swimmer (i.e. the capacity or performance potential). In business terms, it’s like building a bigger warehouse so you can store more inventory or purchasing more trucks to move more inventory. Once we’ve focused on and increased the aerobic training base, we can add in utilization training (although both types of training happen to some degree throughout the season, just in different percentages).

    Utilization training is race pace and tempo work, speed, power, agility training, etc., all the things we take to the block on race day. In business terms, it’s whatever you need to do to generate and increase the sales. Capacity training builds the bigger warehouse to hold more inventory, while utilization training allows us to sell that inventory and make money. Please keep in mind, this is an oversimplification of the process, and there are literally thousands of books and research papers on capacity and utilization training in sports.

    4) Educate parents, our athletes' primary support system, to the needs of their athletes. Swimming careers are lifelong pursuits, and parents of young athletes need a vision of the rewards attainable by their child. This is a great sport; many of my best friends were childhood teammates, I met my wife through swimming, swimming helped hone my time management skills, and the grit I developed as a swimmer made me a better military officer. At a more basic level, it’s a fun pastime (I loved relays and close races), and it’s healthier than sitting in front of a computer all day. These are all abstract or intangible rewards of the sport. It can also help open doors for college acceptance and scholarship opportunities, offer unique travel and competition opportunities, immortalize the swimmer on record boards (until the next swimmer breaks his/her record), and in some rare but expanding circumstances, provide a living as a professional athlete (i.e. some of the tangible rewards of the sport). In the end it’s the parents that provide the means for our swimmers to chase their dreams and goals… which is huge, and I thank all of you for your commitment and support to this great team.

    GO HRA!
    Coach Bocci

    Travel Reimbursement/LC Championship Plans

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      Short Course Travel Reimbursement

      For athletes who attended Junior Nationals, Sectionals and/or Husky Invitational, be sure to complete the Colorado Swimming travel reimbursement form (click HERE) before April 15. Athletes must have completed a minimum of 15 individual events in Colorado Swimming open meets (Suburban League and high school meets do not apply) during the 2017-18 season. Families are responsible for applying for Colorado Swimming funding.

      Athletes who attended Junior Nationals should request funding for Junior Nationals only. These athletes will also be eligible for additional reimbursement through the Western Zone as well as the Suburban League (HRA will apply for these funds and credit the athletes' accounts).

      Athletes who attended Husky Invite and/or Sectionals may apply for 'at-large' funding provided they achieved a minimum of a Futures Championship qualifying time. These athletes will also be eligible for additional reimbursement through the Suburban League (HRA will apply for these funds and credit the athletes' accounts).

      Long Course Travel/Championship Plans

      Having achieved Bronze Medal status and won Sectional level team championships two years running, our athletes have proven their ability to compete with the best teams in the nation. We will continue to progress individually and collectively only by continuing to seek top level competition. In many cases, this means we have to seek out that competition as we do not have the luxury of hosting major meets in our state.

      We also want to provide at least one opportunity for all our athletes to compete together. With multiple qualifying meets in December and August, high school seasons November through May, and our college athletes returning to campus in August, our best opportunity is the mid-July window.

      Lastly, we hope to provide each individual athlete three distinct opportunities each season:

      The opportunity to compete where they will one of the better athletes and must learn how to prepare for prelims AND finals;

      The opportunity to challenge themselves in a meet where they will gain exposure to the next level of competition; and,

      The opportunity to be right in the mix to learn to be on point in the preliminary sessions.
      In keeping with past seasons, we expect athletes to plan for the following schedule:

      All qualifying athletes should attend LA Invite in July.

      Athletes are expected to finish their season at the highest level meet for which they qualify individually (Junior Nationals, Futures, Age Group Zones or the 13&O LC State Championships).

      If athletes wish to attend the Mel Zajac Int'l (National) or San Antonio (Sectional/Senior) Meet in June, they are encouraged to do so. However, we would prefer it to be in addition to the opportunities above rather than in place of one or both. (More on this below)

      There are a couple caveats to these recommendations:
      The Junior National Championships begin Tuesday, July 31, one week earlier than last year. This year's championship meet will concurrently with the Futures Championships.

      It is important for graduating senior athletes to train and compete at a high level this summer. I have never seen an athlete see success competing at the NCAA level without a good summer season prior to their freshman year. Alex R and Patricia V L are testaments to this. These athletes should therefore discuss with the coaches a schedule which provides them the best opportunity to contribute to their team as freshmen.

      The 13&O LC State Championships in Thornton is scheduled for the week following the LA Invite. The State meet will once again be conducted over three days with relays run during the preliminary sessions on Sat/Sun. We will therefore NOT be sending our Junior National/Futures qualifiers to participate in relays. Our State qualifiers will populate our relays.

      Championship Meet Travel Plans

      Please do not make travel plans until you discuss your athlete(s)' schedule(s) with the coaching staff. The information provided below is for planning purposes once based upon those discussions.

      Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet
      2018 Meet Dates: Fri, June 1 thru Sun, June 3
      Site: UBC Aquatic Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada

      This is an international level meet to prepare our National group athletes for the Junior National Championships later in the summer. With the recruiting process for the top collegiate programs accelerating, it is more even important for our athletes to be prepared for elite competition as soon as possible.

      If National group athletes wish to attend the Mel Zajac Int'l they are encouraged to do so. However, we would prefer it to be in addition to LA Invite and State/Futures/Juniors rather than in place of one or both.

      Flight Information
      Departure: Thu, May 31 - WS 1571/133; DEN 1:25pm - YVR 5:55pm (thru YYC)
      Return: Mon, Jun 4 - WS 112/1570; YVR 6:00am - DEN 12:40pm (thru YYC)

      George Block Invitational
      Tentative 2018 Meet Dates: Thu, June 21 thru Sun, June 24
      Site: NISD Swim Center and Natatorium, San Antonio, TX

      2018 Meet Info is not yet available. The meet is a Prelim/Final format at one of the best aquatic facilities in the country. This is a parent directed meet. All flight, hotel, local transportation and meal arrangements will be the responsibility of attending families.

      If Sectional/Senior group athletes wish to attend the George Block Invitational they are encouraged to do so. However, we would prefer it to be in addition to LA Invite and State/Futures/Juniors rather than in place of one or both.

      Los Angeles Invitational
      2018 Meet Dates: Thu, July 12 through Sun, July 15
      Site: Uytengsu Aquatics Center, Univ. of Southern California

      2018 Meet Info is not yet available. A reminder this is a "make one, swim three" meet. This means athletes qualified in a single event may enter up to two bonus events, athletes qualified in two events may enter one bonus event, and athletes qualified in three or more events may NOT enter any bonus events. Also note altitude adjusted times are used for this meet. The times listed in the Deck Pass app reflect these adjustments.

      Flight Information
      Departure: Wed, Jul 11 - SWA 1714; DEN 12:45pm - LAX 2:20pm
      Return: Mon, Jul 16 - SWA 2242; LAX 11:05am - DEN 2:35pm

      CSI 13&O Long Course State Championships
      2018 Meet Dates: Fri, July 20 through Sun, July 22
      Site: Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center, Thornton, CO

      Athletes attending Junior Nationals or Futures should NOT plan to participate. Athletes attending the Age Group Zone Championship should plan to attend all three days.

      Junior National Championships
      Junior National Championship Meet Info
      2018 Meet Dates: Tue, July 31 through Sat, August 4
      Site: William Wollett Aquatic Center, Irvine, CA

      This is the true 18&U national championship. Please speak with the caching staff before making plans to attend this meet. Qualifying athletes may swim in up to two bonus events, provided they have achieved the published Bonus Event Time Standards. We have already qualified one medley relay for the meet. We may include relay only athlete(s) as necessary/desired.

      Tentative Flight Information
      Departure: Mon, Jul 30 - SWA 2479; DEN 8:15am - SNA 9:45am
      Return: Sun, Aug 5 - SWA 3202; SNA 7:45am - DEN 11:10am
      Return plans may be flexible based on athletes' final events.

      Futures Championships
      Futures Championships Meet Info
      2018 Meet Dates: Thu, August 2 through Sun, August 5
      Site: Rochester Recreation Center, Rochester, MN

      Futures is the second step in USA Swimming's national progression. Please speak with the caching staff before making plans to attend this meet. Similar to the LA Invite, Futures is a "make one, swim three" meet. This means athletes qualified in a single event may enter up to two bonus events, athletes qualified in two events may enter one bonus event, and athletes qualified in three or more events may NOT enter any bonus events.

      Tentative Flight Information
      Departure: Wed, Aug 1 - SWA 1169; DEN 11:35am - MSP 2:30pm
      Return: Mon, Aug 6 - SWA 2418; MSP 9:10am - DEN 10:15am

      Age Group Zones
      Western Zone Age Group Championship Meet Info
      2018 Meet Dates: Wed, August 8 through Sat, August 11
      Site: Roseville Aquatics Complex, Roseville, CA

      This meet is restricted to 14&U athletes only (age determined as of first day of the competition). The selection process will be based on performance in meets only through July 1. If you are undecided on whether to plan for this meet, please discuss with the coaching staff.

      Long Course Travel Reimbursement

      In order to participate, athletes must compete in 15 individual events from April 2-August 31 AND 30 individual event entries from September 1-August 31 in Colorado Swimming open meets (Suburban League, high school and dual/tri-meets do not count towards this total). Summer Junior National attendees receive 2.5-3.5 shares form the travel fund up to a maximum of $700, while Futures attendees receive 1.5-2.5 shares up to a maximum of $350.

      Athletes attending only the Los Angeles Invitational may request 'at-large' funding provided they meet a minimum of one Futures Championship qualifying time at the competition.

      Suburban League: Athletes MUST attend the Suburban League Pentathlon to be eligible for Suburban League funding. Athletes are eligible to receive $200 for participating in Junior Nationals and $150 for participating in the Futures Championships.

      Again, we will request funding for athletes attending only the Los Angeles Invitational provided they meet a minimum of one Futures Championship qualifying time at the competition.

    Team Records

    Stacks Image 134223
    HRA athletes broke ten individual team records and three relay records this fall:

    Natalie Arky - Open 200 Backstroke
    Kate Baker - 13-14 200 Freestyle
    Holley Dennis - 15-16 100 Breaststroke, Open 100 Breaststroke
    Dominic Griffin - Open 1650 Freestyle
    Gavin Rogers - 13-14 1000/1650 Freestyle & 400 IM
    Delaney Smith - Open 200 IM
    Wentao Zhang - 15-16 200 Breaststroke

    Open Women's 200 Free Relay - Elsa Litteken, Delaney Smith, Jessie Beckwith, Parker Henry
    Open Women's 400 Medley Relay - Natalie Arky, Holley Dennis, Jessie Beckwith, Delaney Smith
    Open Men's 400 Medley Relay - Trevor Van Law, Wentao Zhang, Jack Clouatre, Dominic Griffin

    HRA Housekeeping

    Stacks Image 138629
    As a coaching staff, we decided to swim relays at every meet we could this short course season.

    You, our members, let us know that your children missed swimming relays.

    It's very important from the team aspect. Relays build excitement and camaraderie amongst teammates.

    Relays are sprints, for the most part, and get athletes blood pumping before individual events. From a coaches point of view this is FANTASTIC!

    Unfortunately, we are running around at the last minute changing relays because parents and athletes either don't communicate that they are not coming to the meet or arrive after the relays have competed. Other athletes are affected when 1 or 2 people are no shows.

    This is what we need from parents of 12&U athletes if you have signed up for a meet and your plans changed:
    email the athletes coach in a timely manner

    13&O athletes
    Take responsibility to communicate directly with your coach. This is the age where we expect the athlete to start owning their involvement in sport. Be accountable.

    On a more positive note, James Wood showed tremendous leadership this weekend when his relay was re-worked and he was swimming with much younger boys, one being 7 years old.

    James didn't even blink when he realized who he was swimming with. He just gathered the boys up and they swam their hearts out. Thank you James for showing leadership, a great attitude and sportsmanship.

    Volunteer Info

    Hello HRA Families!

    Just a quick note on volunteer hours. If you would like to check the balance of your volunteer hours on TU and make sure you are getting credit for all of your hours, please be sure to follow these steps (otherwise, you might not see all of your hours):

    1) Log in to your TU account.
    2) Click on "My Account"
    3) Then go to "My Invoice/Payment."
    4) Once you get there, you should see a tab that says "Service Hours." Click on that tab and you should see all of your logged hours.

    Please note that volunteer hours are entered into your account as soon as possible after each event, but sometimes it takes a few days, so if you don't see your hours right away, please check back a few days later. And if you have any questions about volunteer hours, please contact Katie Landahl.
    Thank you!!

    Athletic Trainer For HRA

    Hello Highlands Ranch Aquatics’ Athletes and Parents.
    My name is Nathan Skelton and I am the Athletic Trainer for HRA. This will be my first season with HRA through your partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado. I am here to evaluate and provide treatment recommendations for swimming related injuries or any other injuries that may impact your child. I am also a valuable resource for any questions related to sports medicine, including stretching, nutrition, hydration, off-season recommendations, etc. If I don’t know the answer, I have a network of health care professionals at Children’s Hospital Colorado that I can ask and get you in touch with. I am available at North Ridge Rec Center every other week, alternating Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5pm for in person consultations at no cost to you. I am looking forward to a great season and meeting you all! Let me know if you have any questions.


    CSI Survey

    Dear Colorado Swimming Members,
    We hope that you are all doing well and hanging in there. To keep up with the day to day challenges and information affecting the sport of swimming, Colorado Swimming has posted the following:

    Colorado Swimming has created a web page to keep items posted that are specific to Colorado.

    We have an updated survey that we would love for everyone (parents and athletes) to fill out. It will help provide good data on the thoughts of the LSC.

    Thank you and take care.

    Jackie Stiff, Colorado Swimming Executive Secretary

    Look Whose Famous!

    Stacks Image 138481
    Check out this article on HS+ Coach Suzy Cotton!


    New HRA Program - Parent Liaisons

    We heard through the grapevine that we needed experienced parents to talk to new parents about all things HRA. Really, swimming lingo is like a foreign language! Jeanne LaRiviere and Jennifer Jackson trained 4 "experienced parents" over the weekend to be our hands, feet and mouthpiece to their swimmers practice group. These parents are available to answer general questions and to represent HRA philosophies to new families trying to understand HRA policies. Watch for more information on this subject in the following weeks. Join us in welcoming our 2020 Parent Liaisons:

    The liaisons are

    Michael & Renee Rogers - white
    Jennifer Zajacs - silver
    Jorge Zapparoli - red
    Janice Cheon - state

    King Soopers Fundraising Update

    The Q2 2020 King Soopers Community Rewards have been posted. Please submit your screen shot, account family name and swimmer name(s) to HRAKingSoopers@

    If you have any questions please call or text Shannon Wehr at 720-253-6836.

    Take advantage of this opportunity to support HRA. Half of your Community Rewards credit will be applied to your HRA account.

    If you have not enrolled and want to take advantage of this simple opportunity, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to here

    2. Select Community Rewards
    3. Select Highlands Ranch Aquatics, KU696
    4. Select Account Summary and Update your account to reflect your specific SooperCard

    This week King Sooper should update your accounts to reflect your Community Rewards donation for Q4 2019. Because King Soopers no longer sends a report of credits under the current program, we ask that each family submit their own credits for Q4 2019 by January 31, 2020.

    To simplify your reporting, we recommend that you obtain the King Soopers ap and use your phone to generate a screen shot of your Community Rewards credit.

    1. After King Soopers reports the credit for the prior quarter, access your King Soopers account online or via the ap.

    2. Obtain a screen shot of your credit from the website or ap. Go to My Account > Community Rewards.

    3. Send an email
    a. copy of the screen shot reflecting last quarter’s credits,
    b. your account family name and
    c. the name of your swimmers.

    If you have any questions please call or text Shannon Wehr.

    AmazonSmile Program and Painless Fundraising

    Stacks Image 131573
    We would like to encourage you to use the link below when ordering from AmazonSmile throughout the year. When utilizing the link, .5% of your purchases from AmazonSmile are returned to HRA. This is painless fundraising for all of us! Please pass the link to friends, family and neighbors as well.

    Scrip Program Registration

    Stacks Image 131235
    Scrip Credits
    Starting April 1, all Scrip credits earned will be applied to the following month. For example, any credits earned March 1 - 31 will be applied to your April billing statement. Thank you for continuing to support HRA through our e-gift card program. Please click here for current promotions for your everyday and online shopping.


    All plastic card orders placed in our three week window will remain in the queue until I process the orders on Nov. 22nd in one batch. Delivery details will be communicated directly with those who ordered. After November 22nd, please return to ordering ONLY ScripNow cards.

    Scrip Opportunities
    Scrip Gift Cards
    Only twice a year we allow the purchase of the plastic gift cards, instead of e-cards only. Beginning April 20, you can order plastic gift cards with your PrestoPay account. There are also small denominations cards this time of year for teacher appreciation week, end of year school gifts and more! Some cards offered by Scrip only come in plastic so now is the time to stock up for vacation options, restaurants, Mother’s Day purchases, summer projects and many others. The window for ordering will be April 20-25. Delivery of cards will be communicated directly with those who ordered on May 1.

    Please contact Amanda Ford with any questions.

    We wanted to send out information on our Scrip fundraising program for HRA. We rolled this program out last year and will again be using Shop with Scrip. For those that enrolled last year, it has been an easy way to offset the $40 fee each month. And remember, you can earn over $40 and it will be applied to your general account.

    Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money” – in other words, scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers. They’re the same gift certificates that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our scrip program including Safeway, Starbucks, Athleta, AMC Theaters, Red Robin, Home Depot, Noodles & Co, Target and many, many others.

    You’re probably asking yourself how these stores help us raise money. It’s simple -- scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization and reward you with a rebate. Member families buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and our group keeps the rebate as revenue. Since we are doing e-cards (no plastic cards except at December), you can purchase on your schedule and you don’t need to coordinate with me to exchange money. Just a few of the benefits:

    You get a powerful fundraising alternative that involves no selling!

    Use scrip for items that you are already spending money on.

    Your child defrays the cost of their $40 monthly fundraising dues.

    The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money for your child’s swimming expenses without spending an additional penny. Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program! And scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, travel, gasoline and dining out.

    All money earned with scrip purchases will go to our HRA account. Each month, HRA will distribute 50% of your earnings to you and will retain 50% for the team. Example: Purchase a $100 card from Athleta with a 14% rebate. You pay and receive a $100 e-card, then $7 will be retained by the team and $7 will be credited to your account in TeamUnify.

    Please feel free to email me with any additional questions you may have. The attached files explain the program, give you the enrollment code you need to get started, tell you what “PrestoPay” is and how to register, and how to add “MyScripWallet” to your smart phone for super easy and almost instant access to gift cards. There are also many training videos on that walk you through the process. Once you get set up, using scrip is simple!

    We will be at the Pancake Breakfast to answer any questions you may have.

    Thank you!
    Amanda Ford

    Snapbooster Update

    Effective with your December Snaps (lots of holiday receipts), if you consistently participate in the SnapBooster fundraiser, it will start putting money back in your pocket. It is as easy as "snapping" at least 50 eligible receipts per month and once you reach 50 snaps, 50% of what you earn each month will be credited to your HRA account. Your "snap" amount will reset at zero each month and will not carry over to the next month.

    It can be done!!! Just ask the Hutter and Clouatre families. They reached 50 "snaps" in November!! Thank you!!!!

    These 3 Easy Step Will Change Your Mind:
    Buy - Buy what you normally buy from where you normally buy it
    Snap - Text a picture of your receipt to SnapBooster phone number 248-246-7627.
    Earn - Earn .10 - 10% for HRA from every receipt you send it

    It is that easy!!! Register now with the program code HRA14.

    Once registered, send your snaps to 248-246-7627.

    If you are already signed up for SnapBooster with HRA, please start snapping again to a NEW number 248-246-7627. You do not need to include "Snap" in you texts anymore.

    If you are a new HRA team member or did not participate, please see the attached link an information on how to get started.

    Here is a video that shows the process.

    If you have any questions, please contact Laura Nelson and she will help you get started. We encourage 100% participation in this year around fundraiser. It is easy as shopping where you already shop, taking a picture of your receipt and earning money for HRA!!!! Please see the flyer attached below explaining how the program works.

    Registration/Volunteer Information

    For families unable to attend last night's meeting, please see the highlights below:

    Returning families must resolve outstanding account balances before you will be able to register for 2016-17.

    All families must complete the registration process (including all signature pages) before your athlete(s) will be permitted to participate in HRA practices.

    Please take some time to review the information packet. A number of items have been revised this season including:
    Group structures/expectations (White-Silver-Red-State)
    Financial policies regarding consequences for unpaid dues
    Policies regarding fines for missing volunteer shifts
    A new social media policy

    By popular demand, HRA has now created the ability to allow families to directly debit from your checking accounts monthly via online check. If you opt into this service, you will automatically be charged $1.25 per transaction as a convenience fee (that charge is passed on to TeamUnify). You will, however, avoid any late charges in the future.

    Parent Volunteer Info

    HRA also requires the assistance of parents to help direct fundraisers, officiate or time meets, or to serve in other capacities vital to the club's ongoing operations. We would like to have EVERY family indicate their volunteer preferences so we can have all areas filled and communicate instructions as soon as possible.

    Please see the volunteer activity selection form attached below. Instruction are on the top of the page. Please complete the form and send it via email to Jeanne LaRiviere by Thursday, September 15. Placements will be distributed by end of the month.

    HRA High School Participation Philosophy By EF

    Stacks Image 132443
    • Expand/Close
      Open or Close
      My first guidance for all our athletes is they must meet the requirements of their high school program. Each high school coach sets their own expectations for practice and meet attendance. Much as in our program, an athlete is expected to meet those requirements in order to participate. The guidance from high school coaches is generally to attend 100% of their practices and meets.

      We do not want HRA athletes trying to please multiple masters. We have seen our athlete's bury themselves physically (and likely fall behind academically) trying to keep up with high school and HRA practices at the same time. Similarly, athlete's will be racing more than ever before during high school season. We do not feel it is advantageous to add more meets to that requirement.

      If/when we have 3-day meets, athletes must be selective in participation. High school events are skewed towards the shorter distances. It is valuable to participate in some of the 200/400 events not on the usual high school event schedule. However, this often means swimming through a scheduled off day. For example, athlete's may be required to participate in high school practices/dual meets M-F, swim an invitational on Sat. If an athlete then swims an HRA meet on Sun, she/he goes straight through two weeks without any days off. In this case, the high school program assumes the athlete will be getting a day off on Sunday. We assume our athletes will get an off day on Monday. These are the situations we need to manage carefully.

      In short, there is no guidebook other than for athlete's and their families to make decisions in the best interest of the athlete's goals. Hope this helps!

    Trial Preparation

    Our National group is scheduled to train and stay at the Olympic Training Center from Wednesday, October 14 through Saturday, October 17. Our first practice is scheduled from 5-7pm on Wednesday with the camp ending with practice 9-11am on Saturday. We strongly encourage athletes to plan to attend the entire camp.

    The cost of the trip will be $270 per athlete and will include lodging, meals and training expenses. Please reply with your intention to attend by Friday, September 11.

    Sunday Long Course Training

    We will offer long course practices on select Sunday mornings this fall and winter. The plan is to use this time in place of normal Saturday morning practices. 'National Plus' group athletes will have weight training from 8-9am on Saturday, but will have the day off from swimming training.

    Thus far, we have scheduled dates on Sept 20, 27 and Oct 11 from 9-11am at DU. We will announce future dates as they become available.

    There will be no additional expenses associated with these practices other than potential parking fees. However, there are three stipulations associated with participation:

    Athletes must have achieved Futures qualifying time standards

    Athletes must attend all scheduled Sunday practices

    Athletes must discuss high school plans with me per the discussion above

    We will discuss plans with the athletes over the next two weeks in anticipation of our first training opportunity.